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Response of Growth Hormone Treatment to Final Height in Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Familial Short Stature.
Duk Hee Kim, Hae Jung Shin, So Chung Chung, Mee Jung Park
A number of studies have been published on the effect of growth hormone therapy over 1-3 years in children with growth hormone deficiency(GHD) & Familial short stature(FSS). So far final height data are seldomly available. Final heights of GH treated children with GHD & FSS were evaluated. METHODS: 10 Children with GHD and 69 children with with FSS were enrolled for the study. They were treated with GH 0.1IU/kg/daily in 10 GHD and 20 children with FSS. They were grown up and reached adult height. 49 children with FSS were not treated at all. Facors influencing final height were investigated.
1) All patients with GHD(Idiopathic 8 cases, Organic 2 cases) had additional gonadotropin deficiency and had multiple pituitary hormone deficiency. 2) At start of GH treatment boys of idiopathic GHD were 9.8 years old and 12.4 years old in girls and their mean height was 114.8cm(-2.8SDS), 123.0cm(-2.9 SDS)in boys and girls respectively. Boy with orgnaic GHD was 11.1 years and 6.7 years old in girl. Their height were 126.0cm(-1.5SDS) and 104cm(-1.2SDS) respectively. 3) Mean final height of idiopathic GHD was 167.6cm(-0.5SDS) in male and 161.0 cm(0.7SDS) and that of organic GHD was 173.0cm(0.5SDS) in male and 157cm (0SDS) in girl. 4) Mean Final height in untreated children with FSS was 159.8+/-.2cm(-1.6 SDS)in male and 149.6+/-.3cm(-1.4SDS) in female. Mean final height of GH treated in FSS was 162.5+/-.1cm(-1.5SDS) in male and 152.0+/-.4cm(-1.2SDS) in female But there was no statiscally difference between untreated and treated children in final height. 5) The age of onset of menarche was 12.74+/-.78 years old in GH treated group (n=12) and 12.45+/-.16 years old in untreated group(n=34).
The GH administration in patients with GHD has been confirmed for growth promotion. but in case of FSS there was no significant difference between treated and untreated group. More further studies are needed for the confirmation of the efficacy of GH therapy in patients with FSS.
Keywords: Growth hormone therapy;Growth hormone deficiecy;Familial short stature;Idiopathic short stature


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